Sports and Fitness

This program is a multi-faceted Health and Physical Fitness Program that educates more than 75 students annually.  Our purpose is to foster self-improvement, self-esteem, and life-preparation skills through the vehicle of physical fitness.  Also included in our program are job counseling and job placement.   Our goals are:  1) for girls and boys to develop a healthy respect for one another by exercising together  2) for students to learn and practice the philosophy that “Good health and well-being are self-determined;  that they all have the power and responsibility to make the right decisions concerning issues such as their own sexuality, substance abuse, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, and prevention of teenage pregnancy and/or parenthood   3) for students to be disciplined enough to work hard in all of their classes leading to promotion or graduation.  Physical fitness activities include stretching, calisthenics, aerobic exercises, strengthening exercises, and nutrition planning.


Mr. Schlanger