Mentoring Program

        In the mentoring program our school is partnered with AEA Investors, the oldest private equity firm in the U.S.  There are several purposes to the program:

 a) Students are paired with an adult mentor who volunteers his/her time to work one on one with a single mentee.  The mentor is an adult advisor who serves as a role model and sounding board for a student, without being an authority figure.

b) Mentors help students with school work, preparing for Regents exams, SATs etc., with college and scholarship applications.

c) There are approximately 30 high schools around the city that are partnered with different companies, and one goal of the program is to introduce students to the demands and expectations of the world of work and business.

    The number of students in the program is dependent on the number of mentors who volunteer in the company.  Currently there are 6 mentees.  In years past we have had as many as 12 student mentee/mentor pairs. The students travel down to AEA's offices in midtown Manhattan on their own, to meet with their mentors individually.  The expectation is that pairs will meet at least twice a month for 4 hours a month.