Generation Citizen

        Generation Citizen is an organization designed to ensure that every student receives an effective education in civic action that provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in our democracy as agents of positive change. 

        Generation Citizen's vision is of young people as activists for social justice collectively working to rejuvenate our democracy. Through an innovative in-class curriculum and guided outreach to community leaders, students identify community problems, formulate appropriate policy responses and work with public figures to advance their policy proposals. Through their authentic experiences, our teens are developing their organization, communication and leadership skills in ways that are impossible to achieve in the classroom alone. 

        Generation Citizen's innovative, action-based program can revive and revolutionize civics education; it is helping to develop youth activists and future leaders who are not only inspired by the ideals of social justice but who also are equipped to meaningfully pursue their dreams. [Exhibit 1 is Anthony Mendez!]