Career Day        

Every year in May, our school hosts a Career Day. Career Day is an opportunity for our students to listen to and interact with professionals from various careers.  Many of our students attend our school because they want to play sports. Upon arrival, many of them believe that the only career in sports is that of a player. We try to show them that many careers are open to them in and out of the sports field. 

Career Day is a chance for them to hear about different job opportunities from the people who are currently working in those fields. Students are educated about careers that they may not have heard of or may not have perceived as a viable option. By listening to individuals speak about their experiences; students get a realistic view of the job as well as the requirements and qualifications of that job. In turn, students learn the importance of education, responsibility, and punctuality in the workforce. Students also make connections with someone who can advise, mentor, or even provide internships.

Anything is possible, and that's what we want our students to realize.