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        Olympic Day is the epitome of student to student interaction and staff to student integration at the Urban Assembly School for Careers in Sports. Olympic day is a long standing tradition at UASCS as it marks the beginning to an end of the year. This is a day where students and staff come together to play sports and take a moment to step out from the four walls of a classroom to practice the skills they've learned in the classroom in other areas of their lives. 

        There is always something for each student to do on Olympic day to increase the school charisma and aura. Students can play in potato sack races, spoon and egg races, basketball game competitions, slam dunk competitions, 3 point shoot outs, hockey games, and many more. 

        The day comes to an eventful and climatic finish as students gather around to eat burgers and hot dogs as they support their teachers and peers in a student vs. teacher softball game. Olympic day is a life changing moment for many kids and an experience many of them are not prepared for as freshmen, this is a day of integration between grades, students, and staff members that sheds a new light on everyone that most of us don't often see in a normal school day. 

        Through the help of student government over the years, students have worked hard to continue improving the event and making sure it's a success for all members of the school, together Olympic day is another example of how we are preparing the students for the world at large.